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A community for support in reaching your health and fitness goals.

If you are here to lose weight, before posting, please read a couple of entries!

This one about general weight loss and this one about weights.

Your moderators are empressmiaka and squeakykitty. You can contact us by commenting on either of those journals or by emailing squeakykitty at squeakykitty at gmail dot com.

We are picking up where the awesome community a_better_body has left off. The moderator at that community has decided to close the community to focus her time on improving herself, which I think is awesome. However, she is leaving the community on livejournal so we can use that community's archives. There is a wealth of information over there, so take a look if you have any questions.

This community has a couple rules:
#1 We are all about being healthy. We don't believe in crash diets, fasts, cleanses, etc. Please don't post entries or comments about such things. If you do, you will be warned, then banned if you continue.

#2 No promos! If you have a journal or community that you think is in line with fitbody_fitmind's goals and would like to promote it, contact the community moderator at the email address listed in this profile. All other promos will be deleted.

#3 No deleting entries, comments, or screening comments. All members should have access to the comments, as they can be helpful to everyone.

I try to keep up with adding tags to each entry, but I have other things to do with my time, so I'm not always great about it. However, you can use the tags to find a lot of information that you might be looking for. Give it a shot!