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Okay girls...take a deep breath, now begin by getting on all fours on the mat...as you inhale, curve your back upwards, then exhale and release...now stretch your right arm and your left leg out....

Oh, wait...you mean today isn't International Talk Like Pilates Day? Oops, my bad...
So I just started working a desk job. I currently run around 50-60 miles a week, go to occasional spin classes and use the cross trainer. I'm also watching what I eat but am still really freaked out of weight gain because I'm so used to jobs where I'm on feet all day. I've started going into the bathroom at work and doing 100 jumping jacks every hour. ( 8 hour shifts in total) It kind of sucks because we don't get breaks where we can leave because I'm the only one here and it's not a very big office to walk around. I was wondering what other people who work desk jobs exercise routines look like? thanks!

Best Beachbody Video Programs?

Just wondering if anyone have suggestions of what the best beachbody fitness programs are, and how it worked for you (when did you see/feel results, etc)?

chalean extreme

I've done turbo jam and tae bo in the past.

Lifting milestone, with a moral

Some time around the end of 2008, I rejoiced at benching 200 for the first time since I was 24.

That was one grunting rep, before my usual Body For Life set (5 sets at 12, 10, 8, 6 and 12 reps, adding more weight to each set until dropping it down again for the last).

This year, I've been adding weight gradually until I tried putting 200 lbs into the (supposed) 6-rep set toward the end. Except that I was stopping after only one or two reps because it was really heavy and I was afraid I'd end up unable to complete the lift and getting trapped under the bar.

This week, I finally gave in and asked a big stranger to spot me while I tried to go for the full 6 at 200 lbs. And I cranked out 5 reps under my own power, with the spotter only having to touch the bar for the final sixth rep, my arms quivering like jelly. Then I took the weight back down to 120 for the last set of 12. The spotter told me my face was beet-red with the effort.

That was the first time in years I'd completed more than two reps at 200...and the first four reps felt almost easy compared to the *second* rep from the previous week. The only difference was that I knew I was safe. And so I did it.

The week before, I saw the movie of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. There's a scene in that movie where Ron Weasley, keeper for the Quidditch team, has a self esteem crisis before the big game. But when he thinks Harry has put good-luck potion into his orange juice, he goes on to play a perfect game. Because he thinks he's covered.

Seems to me, the right wing has it backwards. They say that having a social safety net will encourage people to be lazy and not bother trying to do anything with their lives. I say, that net's existence helps to bring out the very best in our citizens. We will reach for the stars...and many more of us will get there...if we know that something is there to catch us in case we don't make it.

Think it over.

Jul. 14th, 2009

What are some good foods to eat to give me a boost of energy throughout the day?  I know limiting processed foods is essential to feeling energized throughout the day, but what has worked for you?

I've been feeling really bummed down and drained, my body is asking for some natural energy.  Mind you, I have a busy lifestyle, so the simpler the better.

Thanks in advance!!

Creepy Fitness Equipment du Jour

I'm sticking with The Abdominatrix.


I'm trying to figure out if eliminating all but the front holes would give the illusion of a sixpack. Maybe if everyone around you squinted real hard all the time...

Jul. 2nd, 2009

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a few pointers to see whether I'm heading in the right direction or not.

I am 19, 5' and weigh somewhere around 91-94lbs. I knowww, I am tiny. However, I was in a bad accident some time ago and came out of it at 70lbs. So I put on another twenty basically by eating whatever I could. And haven't worked out since. So I am pretty out of shape, and I feel like I am really "flabby" ..

This is only my 5th day of exercise. I've been trying to alternate. I run for 40mins on the treadmill one night, and the next night I will do a variety of different exercises. I have two ten pound weights that I try to work with. And I do 100 of each exercise. I'm focusing on my lower back, stomach and my butt. I've been trying to eat a little healthier, but I'm not counting calories because I tend to get obsessive with it!

So if I continue to keep this up..should I start to look a little better physically and get more in shape? Generally how long does it take so see some results? I apologize if this post comes off as desperate, but thank you if you can guide me a bit!!
So my feet (mostly the balls of my feet and my big toe) has been sore from doing a lot of jumpy/balancing on one foot type of cardio aerobics on a hardwood floor.

To elaborate, I've been doing turbo jam, which has a lot of kicking and jumping exercises. And since I am in Korea now, all the apartments have completely hardwood floors, so jumping around for 40+ min on hardwood floors can cause some soreness on my feet after awhile. I have been wearing socks, which makes it a little better but still sore. I don't want to wear shoes if I can help it because then I would need a special indoor pair to workout in, since I don't want to get the inside dirty (it's an asian custom not to wear shoes inside since we sit on the floor sometimes). Also maybe a mat but I move around so much that I would have to keep on shifting the mat. Any other ideas?

good sports bra fit?

I just bought a sports bra today--after trying on 3 others. It still didn't feel the absolute best, but I'm more interested in support than comfort, if that makes sense. Are there any guidelines for finding a sports bra that fits well--or determining what makes a good sports bra? I'm a 34D, so finding a good fit can be tricky. All of my other sports bras are OLD--like 4 years old. They support me better than a 'regular' bra, but that's not saying a whole lot really. Are there any brands anyone would recommend that are really supportive without being extra restrictive for larger boobs?

Calorie counting

What is everyone's favorite site for counting calories? I've used FitDay, The Daily Plate, and Calorie King. Calorie King is my favorite but I'm wondering if there's a better free option. FitDay is alright but the database is severely lacking. The Daily Plate has a good database but the interface is rather clumsy; I have to click through a million screens to add a single item. Anyone have any other favorites?


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