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So I had a bad cough brought on by post nasal drip for a few weeks, and that caused very sore ribs (I think it's Costochondritis), especially on my right side, underneath my boob area.

Anyway, right now it's sore and hurts for about a week and half now, and it hurts when I lie on my right side, reach/bend over, tense my ab muscles, get up from lying down position (I think because it's using my ab muscles), walking briskly, etc.

So I haven't worked out in the last week and a half and I feel, well, kind of flabby, because before this I was doing video cardio workouts of 40+ min most days, to almost nothing. I want to do something but a lot of things hurt my side these days, so I feel like I've been lazy.

So, did anyone else have an injury of which you had to stop working out, and how did you feel? How did you prevent yourself from, well, "letting yourself go?" I don't know if I should just do some workouts anyway, even though it might be painful? Any suggestions?

(Lots of stuff that involves abs or stress on my ribs/sides hurts - that includes: twisting, reaching, bouncing/jumping, any ab work, pushups/planks, stretching, etc)


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Jan. 26th, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC)
First off, see a doctor to make sure you haven't progressed to a more serious infection that would require antibiotics.

When I had pneumonia at the end of last year I felt better while leisurely ice skating. I also continued with weight training, but at a MUCH lower intensity and lighter weights (less than half what I was doing before I was sick).

At this point you wouldn't be "letting yourself go" as much as healing so that you can get back to your active life. :-) I hope you feel better soon.
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