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So I have a few questions about my workout routine and exercise pain and all that...

1. I seem to have very weak lower back muscles. Whenever I do crunches or pilates, or even push ups/planks, my lower back gets more sore afterwards than do my abs or my arms. So, what are some good lower back muscle strengthening exercises I could do to help this?

2. I've been holding up a pretty good routine (I'll describe it below) and I'm building muscles in my legs (and arms, which I've never had any in my life), especially the areas right above my knee, BUT they are still pretty thick. Should I just keep up with my cardio and eventually maybe they'll become more slender?

3. Also, what are some easy posture exercises or stretches other than the exercises I already do? I'll admit I have horrible, horrible posture (I slouch, my shoulders naturally slouch forward and pushing them back feels awkward, etc), so I would like to fix it gradually. Which muscles would I need to build to fix this and make it easier and not feel so awkward and weak whenever I do try to stand up straight and push my shoulders back?

4. I also would like to lose a few pounds. Nothing drastic, but maybe just 5-10. In the last year or so I've been pretty lazy and I feel like I just would like a few pounds off and a few inches off my waistline.
Here's a picture of me if anyone is interested. I'm not fat, but I definitely would like to tone up my tummy/hips and maybe lose just a few pounds.

5. Also, does anyone workout in the evenings? It's not ideal, but I'm pretty busy these days that it's hard to work out at any time. Mornings I usually don't have time. Then I'm at work until 5. So the only time I am at home (other than maybe one hour total in the mornings) is 5-bed time. So there is only a maybe 5 hour total I am at home. And workout takes at least one of those hours, and then there's resting time, and cooking and eating, and getting ready for bed, etc, so we don't have a lot of hours in our day. Does anyone else do their workouts in the evenings?

So, here's my workout routine:

I have a turbo jam collection, so I do mostly those routines these days. I've been doing it for
maybe 2-3 months now.

Every other day (let's say days 1, 3, and 5), I do the pure cardio workout (cardio party, mix 2, mix 3, or punch kick and jam). Most of these cardio videos are about 40-50 minutes long. After cardio, I do some pushups. (Usually 30 is what I can push out)

And then, every other day from the previous days (days 2, 4, and 6), I do a strength training workout from turbo jam, such as turbo sculpt, 3t, etc. These are usually lots of arm exercises with small weights, lunges, squats, some floor/ab work, usually around half an hour or so. Because I do arm stuff in the routine, I usually skip pushups on these days.

In addition, I have to walk to the bus stop from/to home and from/to work, so that is altogether at least 20 minutes of walking a day from that, and on weekends if I go somewhere I may walk more.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 07:40 am (UTC)
I don't think I'm thick compared to most people, just what I used to be, so it's just thicker than what I was a few years ago, and I just want to get closer to that time.

My diet is, well, I try, but right now I live in Korea so there's definitely pros and cons in the food here.

The pros - Korean food has very little fat, lots of brothy soups, it's not hamburgers and pizza here all the time (although they do have it)

The cons - lots of carbs. It's very very hard to find a meal that isn't carb based. And meat is expensive, fruits are expensive. Even beans are rare. So I end up eating a lot of rice and noodles here because, well, that's what they have here. It's not my ideal diet but it's either eat rice or go hungry. It's very hard to get ample protein here. I've been eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast because it's one of the easiest ways to get protein here.

If you want to know my ideal diet, back in the states I ate a lot of oatmeal (very expensive here), a lot of fish, a lot of spinach and tomatoes and peppers and other veggies, lots of grains (quinoa and barley and stuff - impossible to find here), egg whites. I don't drink juice or soda either there or here.
Dec. 3rd, 2009 07:43 am (UTC)
So a typical day is:

Breakfast: cereal (been eating my expensive exported Kashi cereal from costco lately) with skim milk, hard boiled egg

Lunch: whatever the school serves. Usually rice, soup, kimchi, and 2 side dishes which may be meat or vegetables

Dinner: a bowl of rice with canned meat and veg or seaweed, a bowl of noodles soup, dumplings, or something similar

Snacks: usually some fruits - apple or oranges usually, sometimes persimmons, Sometimes at night I make a cup soup with a soup mix packet.


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