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Hi everyone, I'm new!
I'm Jenna, 32, and wanting to lose weight. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia just a couple of years ago, though I've had the symptoms since I was 8 years old. I want to lose weight for my basic overall health, more specifically also for my joint health. Also for my own body image. The one thing that hinders me is the eating. I have had trauma in my past, and thus I have PTSD. So my main way of coping is binge eating. Therefore, I've gained weight. Gestational diabetes (pregnancy) didn't help matters either! But, I'm really sick and tired of the bingeing thing. I started making changes little by little for the last year. Now, I eat mostly healthy. I've continued to progress, and no matter how down I get, I still manage to pull through and not let it get the best of me. I am so ready to get even healthier, and lose the weight! With RA, it can get pretty hard determining what would be safe for me to do in the gym, and what to stay away from. But so far, I have a pretty good routine going on, and I do switch it up every few weeks. I can be at the gym for an hour and a half, and still feel pretty good. I'm very excited about all of this!
Huge proof that calorie counters lie (left is heart rate monitor at 681 calories, right is treadmill at 536 or something)

Keep in mind that neither is "correct" and both are supposed to "estimate". But uh.......it's a difference of 150 calories.

Least amount of training?

I was mulling this over all day, so why not make it a post on here and get everyone's opinions!  I was training for a half marathon last year, was up to 10 mile runs about once a week, with 4-5 milers almost every other day.  Then I hurt my achilles pretty bad and had to take a few months off completely...since then Ive been doing a few 2-3 milers a week, and have done a few 6-8 milers, but nothing near what I used to do.  Ive been staying in shape with lots of dance, weights, and walking instead.  My question is, I am signed up for a half marathon in October (I assumed I'd be back in my old running shape by now, so I signed up a long time ago).  I dont want to make the same overtraining mistakes as last time, and I actually like how I feel and look with my current workout plan now...no chronic aches and pains, constant fatigue, etc. 

My question to ya'll is, what have been your experiences with the LEAST amount of training you can get away with for something like a half marathon?  Since I was able last year to do the mileage, and since I'm still in really good shape from cross training, do you guys think I'd be able to keep my weekly mileage a little lower than a regular half training plan and still be able to do the race?  Like have you had experience running something like that without working your way up with months of long runs, tempo runs, etc.?  Im scared to get injured by increasing my training like it was last year, but I'm also scared of getting injured running 13 miles without proper prep work.  

Opinions? Experiences?

Jul. 20th, 2011

I hate to pull this card, but we need to get people commenting again!

What's on your playlist that keeps you going?


Hey everyone. I've noticed that this community died sometime several years ago. I'd like to try and revive it, but I'm unsure if anyone is still around. Hello out there?


So I had a bad cough brought on by post nasal drip for a few weeks, and that caused very sore ribs (I think it's Costochondritis), especially on my right side, underneath my boob area.

Anyway, right now it's sore and hurts for about a week and half now, and it hurts when I lie on my right side, reach/bend over, tense my ab muscles, get up from lying down position (I think because it's using my ab muscles), walking briskly, etc.

So I haven't worked out in the last week and a half and I feel, well, kind of flabby, because before this I was doing video cardio workouts of 40+ min most days, to almost nothing. I want to do something but a lot of things hurt my side these days, so I feel like I've been lazy.

So, did anyone else have an injury of which you had to stop working out, and how did you feel? How did you prevent yourself from, well, "letting yourself go?" I don't know if I should just do some workouts anyway, even though it might be painful? Any suggestions?

(Lots of stuff that involves abs or stress on my ribs/sides hurts - that includes: twisting, reaching, bouncing/jumping, any ab work, pushups/planks, stretching, etc)

Where are you, Secret LJ Fitness Army?!?

After searching LJ for healthy motivating fitness communities/journals and not having much luck finding any; I remembered this one! I was sad to see there weren't any recent posts because I know there's probably a couple hundred of us all geared up and motivated to get in better shape especially with the start of this new year. So where is this secret fitness army?! Is everyone at the gym and too busy to post on LJ? ;)

My fitness goals are to lose 7.5lbs to reach my ideal weight of 120lbs and to lose 2 more inches from my hips and some inches... any inches(or centimeters??) at all from my stubborn thighs! That's where my body tends to store all of it's back up survival needs and it makes shopping for jeans really challenging O_o and I would also like the rest of me to be as toned and lean as I can manage.

I like the treadmill, I could just walk/jog/run and be fine but I've been trying to cross train (which is new for me) and also to do more strength training than my usual few upper body machines and light free weights. Today for the first time I took a Body Pump (weight training) class at Gold's Gym and I could definitely feel that my muscles were being worked like never before... I felt a little awkward with a dumbbell and also a bit like an Egyptian slave building a pyramid or something but I think I'm ready to work through the awkwardness and permanently add weight training to my regimen.

Anyone else have any goals to share?


So I have a few questions about my workout routine and exercise pain and all that...

1. I seem to have very weak lower back muscles. Whenever I do crunches or pilates, or even push ups/planks, my lower back gets more sore afterwards than do my abs or my arms. So, what are some good lower back muscle strengthening exercises I could do to help this?

2. I've been holding up a pretty good routine (I'll describe it below) and I'm building muscles in my legs (and arms, which I've never had any in my life), especially the areas right above my knee, BUT they are still pretty thick. Should I just keep up with my cardio and eventually maybe they'll become more slender?

3. Also, what are some easy posture exercises or stretches other than the exercises I already do? I'll admit I have horrible, horrible posture (I slouch, my shoulders naturally slouch forward and pushing them back feels awkward, etc), so I would like to fix it gradually. Which muscles would I need to build to fix this and make it easier and not feel so awkward and weak whenever I do try to stand up straight and push my shoulders back?

4. I also would like to lose a few pounds. Nothing drastic, but maybe just 5-10. In the last year or so I've been pretty lazy and I feel like I just would like a few pounds off and a few inches off my waistline.
Here's a picture of me if anyone is interested. I'm not fat, but I definitely would like to tone up my tummy/hips and maybe lose just a few pounds.

5. Also, does anyone workout in the evenings? It's not ideal, but I'm pretty busy these days that it's hard to work out at any time. Mornings I usually don't have time. Then I'm at work until 5. So the only time I am at home (other than maybe one hour total in the mornings) is 5-bed time. So there is only a maybe 5 hour total I am at home. And workout takes at least one of those hours, and then there's resting time, and cooking and eating, and getting ready for bed, etc, so we don't have a lot of hours in our day. Does anyone else do their workouts in the evenings?

So, here's my workout routine:
behind the cut if you are interestedCollapse )

::crickets:: hello?

wow.. a few years ago this community was hopping. what happened? anyone still here? i hope?


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